Board of Directors

I. About the Board Directors:

The LCA Trust’s  Board of Directors will be tasked with the building of a strategic plan for initial funding and growth to help the organization transition from its startup phase to a fully functioning organization.

We seek board members who are willing to lend their passion, commitment, expertise and networks toward helping the LCA Trust advance it missions and programs.

Each board member agrees to take on a specific “charge”, an area of responsibility which will help us reach our goals for growth over the next few years.  Charges include: Governance, Marketing, Evaluation, Strategic Growth and Fund Development.

Board members must be willing to perform the duties outlined below as well as assume the legal responsibility of the organization.
II. Board Member Responsibilities:

1) Choose and be accountable for a Board charge (Marketing, Development, Strategic Growth, Governance, or Evaluation).

2) Attend and participate in all regularly scheduled Board Meetings and Committee Meetings.

3) Participate in fundraising initiatives of the LCA Trust including meetings with donors, assistance with events, tapping into personal network to support the LCA Trust.

4) Be available as a resource for the LCA Trust: Providing counsel and good judgment to the staff; funds, services or links to services helpful to the organization.

5) Act as a spokesperson for the LCA Trust, bringing the organization to the attention of other professional, civic, and community groups:

  • Attend the LCA Trust activities and events
  • Monitor and evaluate all the LCA Trust policies and programs
  • Evaluate and monitor financial position of the LCA Trust
  • Participate in Board planning sessions and retreats

Qualifications: We seek expertise in one or more of the following:

  • Marketing
  • Fund Development, particularly attracting growth capital for start ups
  • Regional/national organizational replication
  • Building Advisory Boards
  • Nonprofit finance
  • Building/sustaining regional or national networks
  • Evaluation of nonprofit programs and organizations
  • Government relations

Additionally, we seek Board Members with the following qualities:

• Personal commitment to the goals, mission, and staff of the LCA Trust
• Involvement in other community and civic organizations
• Commitment to the environment and land preservation and social change
• Desire to be part of a “hands on” board

Benefits: the LCA Trust’s organizational culture is collaborative, hands on, unpretentious and energizing!  This is a wonderful opportunity to be connected with other interesting, smart, creative, passionate people who know how to build a better world.

New board members will have the opportunity to help the LCA Trust grow into a regional and then national organization, impacting the lives of hundreds of young people and thousands of community members.

If you are interested in applying, please complete the LCA Trust Board of Directors / Advisory Council Application.

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