Collegiate Advisory Council

We are in the process of recruiting for our inaugural Collegiate Advisory Council (“CAC”). We are forming the CAC in order to leverage the passion, intelligence, energy and ingenuity of college students and the value of engaging those qualities in the further development of our vision and the implementation of our mission.

In order to promote diversity of thought and constituency, ideally, we are hoping for representation from as many different institutions of higher learning as possible.

We are planning structured forums for the discussion of ideas and the input into the delivery of our message as well as opportunities for unstructured discussion among and with members of the CAC. These interactions will be virtual (online and through conference and web calls) as well as in person (as and to the extent possible). As approriate, sub-committees and ad-hoc committees will be formed around CAC members’ interests as they intersect with our needs.

Potential Collegiate Advisory Council Members should be passionate, intelligent, and intellectually curious and energetic. We are looking for people with a personal connection and commitment to our vision who can embrace or challenge our mission in positive ways.

We will require openness, engagement and risk-taking. You should be ready to challenge us, your peers, yourself and to be challenged. You should be comfortable with technology, social media, personal connections and a collaborative approach but, at the same time, ocassionally crave a more thoughtful introspection.

As a CAC Member, you will provide input for our overall governance and strategy, input into the implementation tactics for our flagship programs, the Community Food System Partnership and the Neighborhood Revitalization Program, help envision other programs to further our mission, as well as having opportunities to work, hands-on, in any and all aspects of our programs and within our organization.

CAC Members will be given priority notice of all volunteer and internship opportunities within the organization and will get first priority in the process of selecting interns and other positions.

If you are interested, please fill out the form HERE.

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