Advisory Council

We are currently building our Advisory Council.  If you are interested, please click here and fill out an application.  The role of the Advisory Council is explained in the Bylaws as follows:


A.       The Advisory Council of the Land Conservation and Advocacy Trust, Inc. (hereinafter, “Advisory Council” or “Council”) supports the organization’s growth and development and advises the board of directors and staff on strategic, complex or specialized matters as well as general programmatic goals and direction.

B.       Advisory Council members must be firmly committed to the mission goals and success of the organization.

C.      Advisory Council members serve at the pleasure of the organization’s Board of Directors, without compensation. However, the Board may approve reimbursement for reasonable out of pocket expenses incurred by Council members while working on behalf of the organization under policies and procedures established by the Board or Staff, as appropriate.

D.     The Advisory Council Members shall be appointed by the Board for two year terms.

E.     There shall not be a minimum or a maximum number of members of the Advisory Council and the Board may suspend or fail to appoint any members to the Advisory Council.

F.     The Advisory Council, if it has any members, shall meet at least annually but may meet at any time if a meeting is called either by the Board of Directors, or by at least one-half of the members of the Advisory Council.

G.     Meetings of the Advisory Council may be held in person or by any electronic means efficient for the purposes of communication.

H.     The members of the Board of Directors shall be members of the Advisory Council but shall not be counted as a vote pursuant to Paragraph F of this section separately from their role on the Board.

I.     The Advisory Council shall be chaired by the President of the Board and shall elect a co-Chair to preside over meetings in the absence of the President.  The co-Chair shall be a member of the Advisory Council but shall not be a member of the Board.

J.     It shall be the role of the Advisory Council to be informed about the organization’s mission, services, policies, operations and programs in order to identify, discuss, and rank issues of concern and aspirations to be communicated as recommendations to the Board and to provide recommendations regarding additional Council and Board members.

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