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Astore Quarry is an old marble quarry, in the town of West Stockbridge, Massachusetts. We started a restoration project 7 years ago. Our conservation plan is dedicated to protecting the natural landscape, wetlands, native plants, enhancing wildlife habitats and the natural resources found here. Our forestry management plan calls for aggressive invasive plant removal, replanting with native plants, shrubs and trees, which in turn, help to keep the forest healthy while enhances wildlife habitats and natural resources.

The history of the marble quarry starts in the late 1700s. The marble was used structurally for State buildings, capital buildings and other governmental offices, most of it going to Philadelphia. Also, used in the New York Old Town Hall, the State Buildings of Massachusetts and Connecticut. Also, scale models of the Lincoln Memorial, sculpted by Daniel Chester French. Although the Memorial is not marble, the stairs leading up to the majestic sculpture are made of marble…and make for an slippery journey when it is raining!! In 1838 the first railroad line was built connecting New York to Western Massachusetts, created to transport the marble, iron ore and limestone from, what is now known as West Stockbridge.

We are also working with local historian and international marble & quarry expert Vern Tower, of West Stockbridge. Through Vern’s presentations, you can actually see and understand how marble was created while learning many interesting facts about geology, creations of continents, and a time line, which brings you to the mining and methods used to extract the massive marble blocks. Demonstrating, through exhibits, lithographs and historical information, he reveals “how things worked” in the day!

The Astore Quarry Restoration Project is a nonprofit organization. We have been accepted in the MassWoods Forest Management Plan and backed by the Department of Conservation Recreation. Our Conservation Plan is backed and written by the USDA-NRCS and Division of Fisheries & Wildlife.


If you would like to send a donation for the benefit of the Astore Quarry Restoration, please send a check to:

The Land Conservation and Advocacy Trust
873 Concord Street, Framingham, MA 01701
and write “FBO Astore” in the memo.

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