Sawah Bali

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Conserving Bali’s Rice Paddies and Creating New Markets for Farmers

Sawah Bali listens and responds to the specific needs of farmers in Bali in a culturally sensitive, inclusive manner.

Sawah Bali operates as a legally registered yayasan (foundation) wholly controlled and managed by Balinese and Indonesians.

We build strategic partnerships with academics, technical advisors, Indonesian foundations, politicians, business consultants, communities, social entrepreneurs and the UNESCO Governing Assembly to create and share resources for overlapping objectives.

Our primary goal is to restore best land use practices for the health of the farmer and the ecosystem along with elevating the farmer’s economic stature.

We employ the concept of “Gotong Royong”, which translates as “working together” and refers to cooperation and mutual assistance between farmers.

We will create a greater balance between the tourism and agricultural sectors by opening new markets for farmers and developing eco- and agro-tourism programs will ensure  better integration  and elevate the stature of the farmers.

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