West Newton Hill Preservation Initiative

Exploring Ways to Preserve Our Historic Neighborhood

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Valuing what is unique about West Newton Hill

Collectively we seek ways to preserve the distinctive historic legacy of West Newton Hill, including diverse examples of architecture dating from the 1840’s and landscapes with mature trees. Thoughtful preservation can be a strategic boon to the City of Newton, giving us a way to learn about the past while allowing for mindful consideration of change for the future.

The West Newton Hill Preservation Initiative is conducting a study of the neighborhood as requested by the Newton Historical Commission which may lead to the creation of a local historic district. The study is identifying the many properties that have links to famous people and interesting events that occurred in our neighborhood during the last 150 years. It also inventories all the historic structures and documents their dates of construction, styles and important features. Although the work is largely being done by volunteers, funds are needed to complete the study including engaging a professional preservation consultant and for other research and administrative costs.

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